New client Amaze Travel opens doors for travelers to experience the world while working through marketing frustrations

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New client Amaze Travel opens doors for travelers to experience the world while working through marketing frustrations

I don’t write about every new client, but in this case, the story (and takeaways) prove too good to let pass by quietly.

Headlights PR & Marketing is excited to be working with Chicago-based Amaze Travel for their marketing needs.

Amaze Travel ( is a luxury-focused travel agency providing the highest level of service while offering amazing travel experiences across the globe. It’s run by Julie and Jim Welch who have decided to turn their love of travel into a full-time experience for them. Jim has been to 28 countries and Julie is not far behind having visited 20. Their experiences are broad and varied. Jim fondly recalls sitting in the private residence of the recently-sainted Pope John Paul II for Mass at the Vatican and also meeting his brother at a local orphanage for the first time during the Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. Julie recently spent time in Cuba, experiencing a culture frozen in time on an island so close to our country. Understanding what they craved and desired from their own travel experiences helped them forge Amaze Travel.

I’ve had the personal privilege of knowing Jim for over 20 years and when we ran into each other last April, he explained to me how he and Julie were undertaking a dream to start their own company. In July, they quietly set that dream a sail.

What they’ve discovered is that they have spent an inordinate amount of time working on the marketing basics that they need to fully launch their company: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, note cards and folders before they even turn to other promotional materials that they need as part of their portfolio for trade shows and events. While they dealt with delays with graphic designers and various printers, they simply felt frustration.

Last week over the course of two days, while the couple was in Detroit to visit family, we spent time working with Amaze Travel. We helped them get the essentials they needed and removed some of the concerns they’ve been experiencing. We figured out the papers stocks and styles they wanted and discussed how it all can be a seamless process. We listened to their needs and offered suggestions. Now, we’re off and running in working with them as they start to plan some of the bigger projects that will come once we polish off the basics.

There are two takeaways for readers here:

1. The frustrations of new business owners getting their company launched is common-place. The lists are seemingly endless simply from the marketing end. As Julie said, she spent more time worrying about paper quality or colors than what is her main objective: setting people up for a memorable vacation experience. When she left our office, she felt we moved the ball down the field quickly and brought lots of relief. Having the opportunity to manage the graphic design and print aspects in one location makes the process seamless and efficient for small-business owners who work with Headlights PR & Marketing. A small business startup marketing plan sounds easy to check off yourself with internet designers, internet printers and an idea of what you hope to accomplish.  It’s not reality though.

2. If you are looking to create a memorable honeymoon, romantic getaway, philanthropic trip or family vacation – at home or abroad – think about contacting Amaze Travel. With the contacts and partnerships they have already established in addition to their own travel experiences, they can offer you an itinerary that you simply could not plan on your own. With a quickly-growing list of satisfied clients, you can expect to be amazed by the client-focused, luxury-centered, experience they offer.

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